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Semi Tubular Rivets

Mild Steel Semi Tubular Rivets

These parts are used in brake linings of automobiles. We have various sizes of the same type of rivets made out of brass, Mild steel and Aluminium

Copper Solid and Semi tubular Rivets

These parts are used in electrical contacts and electrical industries. 

Why Choose Us
Promised Quality Assurance

Quality is the first and the foremost concern at Madras Tubular Rivets.

High Durability

All the products are made from the high quality materials which are durable.

Precise dimension Pitch

. It has been our tradition since 1981 to meet the international standard and we make sure that each and every product meets the specific requirements.

Timely Delivery

Production Process is monitored by our experts. We have operators & QC Inspectors who carried out the task of Line & Final Inspection respectively.